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Agricultural Wheel Repair & Refinish

Cracked. Damaged. Ugly.

Keltgen can repair and refinish agricultural wheels, including tractor, combine, and sprayer wheels.

repair my wheels

Salvage wheels and avoid the high cost of ordering new.

Keltgen repairs wheels to meet or exceed OE performance.

We Have a Better Spin on Building Wheels

Many of the industry’s large manufacturers use a stamping process to make their wheels. A massive press pushes metal into a die and into shape. Made this way, the wheel’s metal can become weakened—stretched or mushroomed. And prone to fail.

With Keltgen’s spun disc process, the steel molecules are work hardened during the spinning process—not stretched. This makes a tougher wheel, ready to go to work and continue working for your business.

repair my wheels
Spun disc agricultural wheels

Our Wheel Repair Process

Repair / Re-engineer

Once we receive your wheels, we’ll perform the repair or re-engineer your wheels to be as strong or stronger than OE.

Burn. Blast. Wash.

Every wheel Keltgen repairs undergoes a thorough refinishing process to remove old paint and rust and prepare a clean surface for our powder coat paint.

Back better than new

Get your wheels back tougher than new—from our powder coat finish to the engineering of your wheel.